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LLC ” Eco Baltia vide ” is an environmental services company that employees professionals who care about the well-organised environment and a satisfied client.


The spectrum of professions in the company are quite extensive and offer to gain experience working in the areas of client service, holding and technical support, logistics, manufacturing, environmental services and cleaning.


The largest number of employees are employed directly at the level of specialists (sales, logistics, client service, etc.), there is also a large number of people employed in production, drivers and loaders.


When hiring new colleagues, personality and attitude of a person is essential for us. If we see that a person is eager to work, he/she is endowed with initiative, focuses on solutions and has a sense of responsibility, we are ready to train our future colleague.


We appreciate candidates with qualities that enable them to obtain the specific experience at a very fast pace as they move faster up the career path, because of their enthusiasm and skills, they can create an ever-higher added value for the company.





  • Ability to implement things.
  • Cooperation and building trust.
  • Open communication, accurate reporting.
  • Initiative, desire for improvement.
  • A tendency for the job done perfectly.
  • Accountability for the work done.
  • Increasing self-competence, caring for self-growth.
  • Not looking for excuses, but looking for solutions.
  • See opportunities not problems.
  • Enthusiasm and joy of life, a positive view of life.



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