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Agate Krūmiņa

Project Coordinator


I have been working at the company for two years. In the “Eco Baltia vide” team, I first arrived as a trainee. Several companies were ready to accept me in practice, but when I received a call from “Eco Baltia vide”, without any doubt,I agreed to practice here.


It was a very purposeful choice. Studying Management studies at the University of Latvia and specialising in environmental entrepreneurship, I was exploring this company when developing environmental management projects.


One of the tasks, together with Ilze Retiga, then the Business Development Manager at “Eco Baltia vide”, was to find places where it is best to place bulk containers for sorted waste. After the practice, I expressed my wish to continue working for this company and after a month I was offered an  opportunity.


During the practice, I did the best I could and, in my opinion, it was precisely for this reason I was appreciated and  an opportunity was given to me to continue work as a full team player.


During these two years, my duties have changed. As business needs change, I have been working at the sales department as a project manager, and at the moment I’m project coordinator at the production department. I follow the quality of the sorted materials, amounts, circulation of documents, I organise collection of electronics collection and buying and selling.


If a trainee wants to become a permanent employee at the company, a trainee has to be clear about the intention to be here and show it, and prove the ability to learn and acquire and apply new knowledge.


I really liked and still like what I am doing, I saw the possibilities and used them – this formula is that simple.





Jānis Apsītis

Head of Maintenance Department


I have been working for “Eco Baltija vide” for almost a year. I am the Head of Maintenance Department.


My duties are very diverse. I like my work and the fact that each day is different and in the morning it cannot be expected what will happen during the day.


I take care of the territories and buildings, because it is important that the working environment is safe. I am responsible for everything that allows employees to carry out their work fully and safely. I am in charge of the container warehouse, and I supervise the montage and repairs of the containers.


I can safely say that the company cares about the growth and development of employees. I work here because I like the team and working conditions. The main thing – I like my job!





Vika Markava

Procurement Specialist


I have been working for LLC “Eco Baltia vide” for more than two years. I applied for a job post after an advertisement that I saw on a job offer website. The company moved to new premises, so they searched for an office administrator.

 In the advertisement, it was said that legal education would be considered as an advantage and I had graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia.


The written tests during the recruitment process made me think of the company’s serious attitude to things, starting from the recruitment process.


When I started my career, I was scared of a large team of people, because I had previously worked in a team of two people. The first person I met when I arrived at my new job, met me with a smile and confidence that everything would be fine.


After about a year I received an offer to become a procurement specialist, proving that there is a potential career advancement in the company.


I am currently preparing all the necessary documentation for executors of various procurements. My job, above all, is the preparation of documents, exactly what I have always enjoyed.


Why I work here? Because LLC “Eco Baltia vide” is the company with the best colleagues, career opportunities, as well as support for the participation of employees in various training related to work responsibilities. It is important to me that the company provides all the social guarantees and different additional benefits. To ensure we all feel as a united team every day, we also organise joint activities for all employees.





Evita Jirgena

Logistics specialist


I have been working at the company for more than three years.


The beginning was quite interesting, I was a follower of the Facebook profile of “Eco Baltia vide”. In 2013, shortly before Christmas, “Eco Baltia vide” organised a competition where was possible to get a Christmas tree in a pot with all the decorations. I won this competition and got a beautiful Christmas tree!


A little bit later, in the summer of 2014, I noticed a vacancy for the position of “client service specialist”. I applied and started working at the company “Eco Baltia vide”.


Later I moved from Salaspils to Riga office.


Thanks to the great colleagues, I quickly got into the team and I got my job done!


My duties have changed, now my daily life goes to the logistics department – I am planning the work for drivers and loaders, and I am responsible for collecting sorted waste in Riga, Babīte, Ādaži, Mārupe, and Salaspils.


I work here because I really like what I do. Colleagues make everyday life better! We can spend a good time together at work and out of the office!



Andris Upenieks



I started working at “Eco Baltia vide” more than eight years ago.


I like my job and I have a vast experience in this profession, I have been working as a driver for almost all my life.


I remember that when I started working at the company, there were only four new cars; the rest of the car fleet was pretty old. Over the years, the company has developed and today, I can say that almost all the equipment is new.


My work starts at night and continues until the afternoon of the next day. The streets are empty at night, so you can quickly go all the way you plan. During the shift, I am touring almost the entire centre of Riga. During this time of day nobody interrupts me and the big garbage truck don’t interfere with other traffic participants.


I like an independent and predictable job. I know exactly what to do and what is expected from me, it creates a sense of stability and security.


The company provides a solid salary and social guarantees, it is very important for me. Huge benefit – health insurance, it is also provided by the company.


As much as it depends on me, I can say that I will work for this company for a long time.



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