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Waste sorting

Biological waste sorting




Kitchen food waste

  • Vegetable and fruit waste,
  • Tea and coffee sediments,
  • Boiled egg shells,
  • Cheese, cottage cheese,
  • Thermally processed meat, fish and other food of animal origin
  • Food leftovers WITHOUT PACKAGING etc.

Garden waste

  • old plants, flowers
  • mown grass
  • tree leaves and small branches

Not allowed:


  • Thermally unprocessed meat and fish products
  • Liquid waste – milk, kefir, jams, yoghurt, oils.
  • Paper with coatings of various kinds – lacquer, film
  • Packaging of any kind – film, plastic, glass, tin, etc.
  • Branches and stems with the diameter exceeding 7 cm
  • Processed wood – impregnated, painted wooden peel and such
  • Earth, hot ashes, stones, slag, ground, peat, soil
  • Sewage waste
  • Unsorted household waste
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