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Introducing battery sorting in houses managed by Civinity
Batteries are environmentally harmful waste and must be disposed of responsibly – not in household waste containers or in the environment. In order to promote the sorting of used batteries and to provide additional sorting […]
“Eco Baltia” application created for more convenient waste management
In order to ensure more convenient circulation of information and facilitate daily care of the environment, “Eco Baltia” waste management application has been created. The application provide all the customers of the environmental management company […]
SIA “Eco Baltia vide” invests EUR 2.6m and establishes a tyre recycling plant in Tukums — the most modern such facility in the Baltics.
The new tyre recycling plant will recycle at least 6.5 thousand tonnes of tyres every year. The environmental management company of “Eco Baltia grupa” – SIA “Eco Baltia vide” has invested 2.6 million euros and […]
Midsummer greetings
Happy Easter!
“Eco Baltia Vide” takes over the functions of “Eco Reverss”, thereby becoming the strongest company in the industry
As of 2 January 2018, the functions of the company “Eko Reverss” are taken over by the environmental management company “Eco Baltia vide”, which thereby will become the largest collection and recycling company in Latvia. […]
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