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Construction waste removal

LLC “Eco Baltia vide” ensures collection and disposal of any volume of construction and bulky waste. High-capacity containers are used for the collection of construction waste, which are transported by specialised transport.


Containers suitable for large quantities of construction waste and intended for large and heavy waste, for use on construction sites and in places where extensive repairs are carried out are available. In turn, debris bags are a good solution for smaller construction waste volumes.


In construction waste container, it allowed to throw:

  • construction waste from construction / reconstruction (concrete, cement and reinforced concrete structures, bricks, tiles, ceramics and plaster materials, timber, etc.)
  • waste of building materials production
  • waste from cleaning of territories: tree branches, shrubs, old leafs, grass, etc.
  • street repair waste, i.e., solid waste arising from the renovation of street pavement
  • grounded soil, that are no longer usable at this site

In construction waste container, it is not allowed to throw:

  • tyres
  • slate
  • oils
  • fluorescent lamps, thermometers
  • accumulators, batteries
  • aerosols, chemicals, paints and their packaging.

Construction waste container rent

Container delivery and waste removal take place at a convenient day and time for the client according to a pre-agreed schedule. It is important to order a container of a suitable size to prevent the container from being half empty or chock-full. The container for construction waste is an open or closed metal structure.


All construction waste containers meet the requirements of the European Standard EM 840-3.


Apply for a free consultation with specialists from LLC “Eco Baltia vide” to agree on the amount and costs of exportable waste so the construction waste removal would be smooth.


For smaller construction waste volumes, another solution is debris sacks Big Bag!  


Big Bag sack is made of polypropylene, it is lightweight and durable, ideally suited for minor repairs or simply cleaning the household.


Volume of the sack is 1m3, durability (400–600 kg). The sack should be placed as far away from power lines as possible and accessible to a car with a manipulator at least 3 meters away.


It is not allowed to place in sack: liquid waste, hazardous waste and hot ash.


Big Bag price list available here: BIG BAG PRICE LIST

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