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General inquiries
Why is a garbage truck driving to me at night?

This is practiced in all European countries and worldwide. At night, there are fewer vehicles and pedestrians on the road, so there is no additional burden on traffic. It is very likely that at night the cleaning work seems more audible, but living in the city, it has to be taken into account.

Does the driver have to take bags that are placed next to the public container in the apartment building yard?

We invite residents to comply with the conditions and dispose of the waste only in the container. Waste outside the container creates an uninspiring view, and animals and birds can easily throw them around.

We remind you that an agreement on household waste management has been concluded with the real estate managers and, in accordance with the terms of the contract, specific amount of waste from the waste containers is dispatched.

Why did the driver not pick up the bags placed next to the container at my private house?

The terms of the contract require that a fixed amount of household waste container be emptied. If there is so much waste that it is not possible to close the lid or place it next, additional fee is charged.

As one of the solutions, we offer household waste bags in additional amount of household waste.

The price of bag includes both waste collection and disposal costs. When the bag is full, place it next to the household waste container and it will be collected on the days of emptying the container.

If the waste manager can pick up a sofa, why cannot you remove the window frame and the toilet left after repair?

Window frames and other waste resulting from repairs are construction waste. Construction waste removal requires a special container or smaller volumes, a 1m3 construction waste bag that is ideal for minor repairs or simply cleaning the household.

If I have received an Advance Billing, why am I billed every month?

All individuals with an e-mail address receive an advance invoice once every six months or once a year and monthly for the actual billing.

Advance invoice is an informative invoice for planned volumes that is convenient for clients, for those who want to pay all at once. Every month client receives the actual execution invoice for the amount of services provided to the previous month. It also reflects the outstanding balance of the advance payment.

Legal entities do not receive advance invoices, just a monthly invoice.

Should I report, for example, code changes to the gate?

For all changes that happen to the client and concern waste management, such as gate-keeping, change of code and keys, asking for timely information so that clients can be served at the time and there are no misunderstandings about why the waste containers have not been emptied.

Why when I call client service specialists, sometimes they can not be reached?

Client service staff work to make the call waiting time for clients as short as possible. Sometimes it happens that the client has to wait longer to call the operator, but the client service staff of LLC “Eco Baltia vide” always call back. If you cannot reach us via phone for a long time, write an e-mail to or to the e-mail used to contact you.

When calling to client service centre phones outside of working hours (from 5.00 p.m. to 9.00 a.m. and on weekends), the customer has the opportunity to leave a voice message with a question of interest to him.

We inform that 90% of the received calls are answered within 20 seconds, while 97% of the calls are answered instantly. In turn, 99% of clients are called back during the day.

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