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Social responsibility

Delivering value to our customers and demonstrating long-term capacity.


Eco Baltia vide consistently implements a zero-accident policy, ensuring a safe working environment and taking responsibility for the safety of all employees. We focus on the education, well-being and diversity of our employees, creating the right conditions for individual development and teamwork. More than 50 employees have already graduated from the Growth Academy and are continuing their training. At the same time, we continue to foster the development of internal leaders by supporting employees in their professional and personal development: team management, project management, stress management, LEAN fundamentals and process optimizations, as well as sales skills.


We are committed to the "Mission Zero", which focuses on human health and safety through safe working conditions and internal culture of companies.

The company "Eco Baltia vide” cooperates with the Butterfly Effect Association, donating more than one tonne of textile products to orphanages every year. We also continue our successful cooperation with the Latvian Society of the Blind by providing special signs on sorted waste containers.




  • Eco Baltia vide received "Family Friendly Workplace" status under the national programm implemented by the Society Integration Foundation (2023)
  • Actively participate in the Entrepreneurs for Peace movement, receiving the Order of the Three Stars for their selfless contribution.
  •  ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety System certification  ( 2023)




Short-term targets (2023-2024)

  • About 100 leadership positions involved in Business Strategy planning by 2024
  • >50% employees involved in various development programs by 2024
  • Annually carry out at least four major Social educational campaigns to promote Circular Economy and sustainable waste sorting


Medium-term targets (2025-2029)

  • Rate of accidents per 100 employees <1 accident
  • Annually carry out at least seven major Social educational campaigns to promote Circular Economy and sustainable waste sorting
  • Establish the concept for expansion of Talent Academy to Eco Baltia International Talent Academy
  • >90% employees involved in various development programs


Long-term targets (2030-2050)

  • Attain the goal of “Zero-Accidents” at workplace
  • Protecting our people and planet, enabling further prosperity
  • Having a positive impact on society by delivering social, economic and environmental value
  • Educating 5 million consumers around the World on waste sorting and recycling by 2030

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