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Portable toilet rental and servicing

Portable toilets for every life situation


The word tōcha, or toča in Latvian, is short for toilet and has been a part of everyday speech for more than 20 years.  “Eco Baltia vide” has created this brand with the aim of making people’s everyday lives easier by making toilets available anytime, anywhere.


If there is a need for an easy-to-install, eco-friendly outdoor toilet, look no further. We provide a portable toilet hire and maintenance service, from one toilet at a private event to several hundred toilets at the largest sporting and cultural events.


Wherever the need arises, we are always ready to be there – whatever the location or the format and scale of the event:

  • Open-air events, festivals, concerts, sports events
  • Parks, beaches, public or private outdoor recreation areas
  • Construction sites, gardens, road repair sites
  • Private parties and events, weddings, family celebrations, summer garden houses


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To find out about the availability of the service in your region, please contact the sales specialist

Ieva Kārkliņa +371 27894555

Jana Mustermane +371 28322652

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