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Construction waste and bulky waste sorting

In construction waste container, it allowed to throw:

  • construction waste from construction / reconstruction (concrete, cement and reinforced concrete structures, bricks, tiles, ceramics and plaster materials, timber, etc.)
  • waste of building materials production
  • waste from cleaning of territories: tree branches, shrubs, old leafs, grass, etc.
  • street repair waste, i.e., solid waste arising from the renovation of street pavement
  • grounded soil, that are no longer usable at this site

The following items are allowed in construction waste container:

  • furniture, including bath,
  • mattresses, carpets,
  • Christmas trees and such

Not allowed:

  • tires
  • slate
  • oils
  • fluorescent lamps, thermometers
  • accumulators, batteries
  • aerosols, chemicals, paints and their packaging.

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