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Corporate governance

The business of Eco Baltia vide  is based on the principles of integrity and ethics at every stage of business, contributing to sustainable growth.



The main objective of our company is to produce each successive unit with fewer resources compared to the previous production cycle.  To this end, we are constantly monitoring technological developments, implementing innovative projects and investing in new equipment to maintain our competitiveness and strengthen our position on the European market.

We value and apply LEAN methods, especially the KAIZEN and 5S approach to business processes, which allows us to continuously improve and optimise our operations.


Eco Baltia vide are active members of the Latvian Association of Waste Management Companies, the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia and the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry reflecting our commitment to business improvement and overall sustainability.




Short-term targets (2023-2024)

  • “Zero-incidents” with legal incompliance and financial penalties
  • Customer Satisfaction score   >30 NPS
  • Leading environmental management player in core markets
  • Launch full scale ENVI division cross boarder integration process
  • Organize quarterly cross boarder legislative update brunch


Medium-term targets  (2025-2029)

  • Customer Satisfaction score >50 NPS
  • Leading environmental management and plastics recycling player in core markets
  • Complete full scale ENVI division cross boarder integration process
  •  >90% of employees renumeration is set according to median level of the market


Long-term goals (2030-2050) 

Towards a Circular Economy by :

  • developing partnerships with external associations and organizations in worldwide markets
  • becoming a circular economy thought leader
  • innovating sustainable products serving customers’ needs
  • diverting plastic waste from the environment


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