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“Eco Baltia vide” introduces free client service hotline “8717”

“Eco Baltia vide” introduces free client service hotline “8717”

The environmental management company “Eco Baltia vide” has created a new free client service hotline “8717”, as it is taking care of the convenience of our clients and continuing to improve the quality of client service. To communicate with the company, client will still be able to use the existing client service phone numbers.

Jānis Aizbalts, Director of the environmental management company “Eco Baltia vide” said: “Improving the quality of client service is one of our priorities, so we have created an easy to remember and short phone number that is free of charge. When you call it, you will be able to find out all about the services we offer, to apply for them, to receive consultations, as well as to find out the information that is available to other clients.”

Clients are invited to call our new free phone number “8717” starting February 2017 . As before, clients will also be able to use our existing client service phone number to communicate with the company: 67799999. Calls to this number are not subject to an increased charge, but it depends on the rates set by the operator selected by the client.

The Client Service Centre accepts calls on working days from 9.00  a.m. until 5.00 p.m. If the client service line is busy, we invite you to write an e-mail:, and, that ensure answers as quickly as possible.

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