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Sale of glass

SIA “Eco Baltia vide” accepts glass packaging from legal entities and individuals at its collection site, situated at: Getliņu iela 5, Rumbula, Stopiņi Parish, and ensures the placement of containers for the collection of such packaging.


We offer legal entities mutually beneficial long-term cooperation agreements on the collection and sale of glass.


Detailed specifications of accepted materials:


  • Transparent bottle/jar glass – transparent bottle and jar glass, with or without metal fittings and corks, with attached labels. Accepted admixtures of plastics or window glass – up to 2%.
  • Transparent window glass – admixtures accepted up to 0.1% – only transparent window glass, without wood, metal or film coatings. Glued, painted or vehicle glass not accepted.
  • Mixed bottle glass – bottle glass in various colours. Admixtures accepted up to 0.2%: window glass, ceramics, metal, plastic, other kinds of packaging. No admixtures of ceramic bottles, fragrance bottles, facial cream jars, mirrors, lamps, window glass or vehicle glass accepted.

Contact person


Diāna Baranovska

Project Manager


Phone nr.: +371 29283666

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