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“Eco Baltia” application created for more convenient waste management

“Eco Baltia” application created for more convenient waste management

In order to ensure more convenient circulation of information and facilitate daily care of the environment, “Eco Baltia” waste management application has been created. The application provide all the customers of the environmental management company LLC (SIA) “Eco Baltia vide” with opportunity to overlook waste removal schedules, apply for desired services, find out on the nearest waste sorting points, as well as perform other actions related to waste management together in place. This is the first application of such kind in Latvia.

Jānis Aizbalts, Chairman of the Board of the LLC (SIA) “Eco Baltia vide”: “Technologies are developing rapidly, and habits of our residents are changing along with this development. More and more people perform their daily activities on the internet, especially in these circumstances of pandemic. People are becoming smarter, therefore we pay more attention to that also in the waste management area. Therefore, work on creation of completely new application in Latvia was commenced already last year. By using this application, our customers are now able to follow more conveniently various processes related to management of their waste. In some way, this application is like a “mobile customer service centre”, open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, through the use of which customers can reach us and we can reach them more easily, and together we are on our way towards a sustainable and clean environment.”

Customers of the LLC (SIA) “Eco Baltia vide” can use the newly-created application to receive the topical information on their contracts, follow the waste removal schedules and add reminder of the expected removal dates, follow the settlement balance and pay the bills, apply for amendments to the contract and/or additional services, including free removal of electronics goods, window washing, disinfection of premises, clean-up of territories etc. Besides, customers can use the application to report damaged or dirty waste bins, as well as inform on bins filled up before the scheduled date and requiring sooner emptying.

“Taking into account the growing requirements in respect of waste sorting, we are working on improvement of availability of sorting. Therefore, we have integrated in the new application also an interactive map, where our customers can conveniently find the closest public waste sorting points. And, in order to simplify waste sorting, we have included in the application also instructions on basic conditions of waste sorting,” J. Aizbalts explains the solutions available in the “Eco Baltia” application.

Since the commencement of test of the application, it has been actively used by more than 1,000 residents. The “Eco Baltia” application is available both to legal entities and natural persons, who have entered into a contract for waste management with the LLC (SIA) “Eco Baltia vide”. The application is available for upload to the mobile devices to the users of the operating systems Android and iOs.

By developing the opportunities offered to the customers, it is planned to add the “Eco Baltia” application this year by some additional functions, which could be useful on daily basis. Work on integration of videos regarding waste sorting is currently in progress, and these videos are available to the users of Android at the time being. Furthermore, for the purposes of more convenient communication, additional functions are being developed for direct communication with the company’s customer centre, besides, opportunity will be provided to give evaluation of the customer service, which will allow for further improvement of quality of the services provided by the company.

Download here and enjoy:

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